ViewPoints is a communications agency that publishes special reports and custom content in international media. We call the company ViewPoints because we believe that the wider the points of view, the greater the understanding.

Our reports focus on raising market profiles through positive success stories, attracting attention from the influential and affluent readership of our media partners.

We believe places earn the reputation they need and deserve. Thought leadership and local innovation stories help investors make savvy decisions and also help give a place a strong and competitive identity. ViewPoints provides the platform for these stories to be heard worldwide.

Media Partners
The world is inextricably connected, its people, its markets, its governments. We all have something to teach and something to learn. Our reports provide attractive and positive platforms for our clients to share their point of view and reach influential audiences via our leading media partners, distributed worldwide.
Valuable information

We tell the stories informed readers need in order to gain greater insight into investment opportunities, to discover talent and bold ideas coming from markets all over the world. Great stories that raise market profiles and make investors want to learn more and take action.

Great Design

State-of-the-art design, photography, infographics and illustrations ensure that ViewPoints reports are visually compelling and attractive. We believe in providing an exciting user experience through which to communicate valuable information to a busy and discerning readership.

Digital Strategy

ViewPoints also places great emphasis on its digital strategy. Each report is complemented by a strong online presence with multimedia features and a wealth of additional stories and sections, making ViewPoints a formidable source of information on places, markets and sectors.

One of the world’s most important multi-platform media groups, Bloomberg Media provides US and global business leaders with the business and financial news and analysis they require. Influential decision-makers look to Bloomberg for the information and data they need to give them a critical edge.

Bloomberg Businessweek is a trusted source of essential, comprehensive insight that business leaders depend on to get ahead. The result of the 2009 merger between financial software, news and data titan Bloomberg and Businessweek, the longest-running US business magazine, founded in 1929. Bloomberg Businessweek not only delivers in-depth reporting on financial markets, industries, trends, technology and economic leaders, but does so using great designers and renowned writers.

Global circulation
Over 980,000 copies weekly

Audience Profile

Male: 79%
Median age: 47.3
Median Household Income: $154,346
Prof./Managerial: 70%

Bloomberg Markets is fueled by the most powerful real-time news delivery mechanism in the world - the Bloomberg Terminal. Its readers are the subscribers to the Bloomberg Professional service: policy makers, bankers, money managers, corporate innovators and thinkers whose decisions move world markets. This is an exclusive audience, with over 70% of readers not followers of Forbes, Fortune, The Economist or The Financial Times. In 2015 Bloomberg Markets magazine influenced an estimated 50.000 actions on investments globally. 

Global circulation
375,000 copies bi-monthly

Bloomberg Markets 
Audience Profile
Male: 89%
Median Age: 44
Median Household Income: $490,371
Avg Net Worth: $2 million +

A highly respected and well-established news brand, The Times and The Sunday Times are papers that convey values of heritage and integrity. Quality, balanced and informative journalism is their creed. Read by the affluent and influential, reports published with these media partners reach the audiences that count.

The award-winning The Times is a reference in top quality journalism in the UK. With a daily readership of over 1.3 million, it is the preferred newspaper of business people, providing an unrivalled channel of communication with British investors, businesses and policy-makers. The UK is one of the world’s largest foreign direct investors, second only to the US. And according to a PwC study, London is the global financial centre with the most economic clout (May 2014)

Readership Profile
The Times is the UK’s leading newspaper for ABC1 Adults 25-44, ABC1 adults earning in excess of £50,000 annually and C-suite business leaders.

The Sunday Times is Britain’s highest- selling quality Sunday newspaper, with a circulation of just under a million, more than that of its main rivals combined. With a traditional broadsheet format, its reputation is based on award- winning investigative journalism and foreign coverage. Its eleven weekly sections provide readers with in-depth features, authoritative opinion pages and indispensable news and business coverage. The Sunday Times Magazine – the first colour magazine to be printed by a newspaper - continues to lead the field with outstanding reporting and photography today.

Readership Profile
The Sunday Times is the number one quality Sunday paper of business executives, 87% of its readership are ABC1 adults, 65% AB adults with an average household income of £45,000.

While the core team is based in Barcelona, ViewPoints has a large network of representatives with vast experience and contacts in each market. We also strongly believe in seeking out local creative talent in the countries and regions we cover. Who better to unearth great stories than the people living and working there? So the stories we tell are not just great, but genuine too. 

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